Vol+Tour PackagesVol+Tour Packages

If you want to combine volunteering with leisure time activities – here you have the choice between wonderful projects and thrilling oder chilling activities.

Vol&Tour 4+1 – cost 1500 US$

You can stay 4 weeks in 1 project or 2 weeks in 2 projects and choose one activity.

Vol&Tour 8+2 – cost 2400 US$

You can stay 4 weeks ind 2 projects or 2 weeks in 4 pojects and choose two activities.

Vol&Tour 12+3 – cost 3400 US$

You can stay 4 weeks in 3 projects or 3 weeks in 4 projects or 6 weeks in 2 projetcts or 2 weeks in 6 projects and choose three activities.

These are the possible projects:

Barra Honda – National Park
Cabo Blanco – National Park
Diriá – National Park

Marina los Baulas – Turtles
Camaronal – Turtles
Ostional – Turtles 


For the pickup form the airport, the transfer to the first project and for any other project change you will get detailled itineraries – the volunteer has to pay the cost for the transfers.
It is NOT possible to choose any other of our projects within these packages.

Las Baulas – Camaronal – OstionalLas Baulas – Camaronal – Ostional

The conditions in all these turltes projects are similar - you will live under very basic conditions in shared rooms with two or three bunkbeds and shared bathrooms. Your food - breakfast, lunch, dinner - will be prepared in the camp and consists of the typical costarican cuisine: rice, beans, vegetables, meat and fruit.

Your work includes

  • between 4-6 hours every day
  • patrol walks on the beach, mainly at night, to find turtles and their nests
  • collecting data of the turtles and protect the eggs in safe breeding grounds (viveros)
  • liberate new born turtle babies; nest exhumations
  • clean and mark the beaches
  • build new breeding grounds 
  • attend and guide visitors

Things to bring

  • love for nature and fun with outdoor-living
  • being prepared for sometimes physically demanding work and work at unusual hours as most of the turtle nesting occurs at night
  • sleeping bag, repellent, mosquito net, flashlight, batteries, rain protection (May - November), sun protection, hat or cap

Important documents for these projects

  • health insurance coverage and accident policy (with return transport in emergency) valid in Costa Rica
  • medical certificate for health safety
  • criminal record / clearance certificate

Marino Las BaulasMarino Las Baulas

Created in 1990, this national park was made in order to protect the endangered Leatherback turtles, who come every year to nest on the shores of this beautful beaches in northern Guanacaste near Tamarindo. The largest marine reptiles (they can weigh up to 500 kg) in the world, the Leatherback Sea Turtles (Baulas) come here during the months of November to April to mate and lay their eggs. Unlike other turtle species that have a hard shell, Leatherback turtles have a black tough leathery skin that is almost like rubber. These amazing marine turtle travel about 3,700 miles from their feeding ground to mate and lay their eggs, making it the furthest migrating sea turtle. This National Park also protects 174 species of birds and a number of different animals that live in the estuaries here like the white ibis, the cattle egret, the blue-winged teal, the muscovy duck, capuchin monkeys, howler monkies, raccoons, crocodiles, pacas and grey squirrels.


The Camaronal Refuge is managed by the government of Costa Rica and protects 234 hectares or 578 acres. The elevation of the refuge ranges from sea level to 5 meters or 0 – 16 feet.  The refuge includes beach and river habitats. The main attraction for wildlife within the refuge is the nesting turtles which lay eggs most nights between May through November. They also lay eggs less frequently throughout the rest of the year, but this is much less predictable. Turtles that nest here include Olive Ridley, Leatherback, Hawksbill and Pacific Green Turtles. There is a hatchery where you will protect the eggs during the incubation period. In addition to the sea turtle population, the Camaronal Wildlife Refuge is a fantastic place to view bird and other animal species as well. Experienced surfers will find Playa Camaronal to be an excellent destination, as the largest wave ever recorded at the beach reached some 20 feet.


The Ostional Wildlife Refuge in Costa Rica was created in 1984 to protect one of the world's most important nesting sites of the olive ridley sea turtle. The Ostional National Wildlife Refuge, together with Nancite beach at Santa Rosa National Park, is one of the two most important areas in the world for nesting of the Olive Ridley turtle (Lepidochelys olivacea). Turtles nest at Ostional year round, but peak time is during rainy season. From August through December arribadas occur regularly once, sometimes even twice a month, and the numbers of nesting females are in the range of hundreds of thousands as opposed to tens of thousands for the dry season months. Usually the arribadas occur during the darkest nights: a few days before the new moon, when the majority of turtles arrives between 8 pm and 4 am.


For all trasfers for your choosen activities you will get detailled itineraries – the volunteer has to pay all the costs for the transport and eventually needed overnight stays.

Gyrocopter FlightGyrocopter Flight

Enjoy an awesome gyrocopter experience with the pilots of AeroClub Aranjuez near Puntarenas. This unusual aerial experience gives you the chance to discover for about 30 minutes the stunning countryside above Puntarenas, the ocean and the beaches. This will be an unforgettable experience for you.

Skydiving - TandemSkydiving - Tandem

You don’t have to be an adrenaline junkie to appreciate the thrill of flying towards the earth from 5000ft, taking in incredible views over the Puntarenas area and letting your whole body relax as you get used to the tummy-tingling sensation! You’ll fly strapped safely to an experienced and qualified instructor who will take care of everything for you including deploying the parachute and landing you safely on solid ground. It is definitely a priceless experience you’ll live throughout your life! You should be in good physical and mental health and not weigh more than 90 kg.


Experience an unforgettable combination of thrills and beautiful views with Canopy as you zipline between 50 and 450 meters from one platform to the next of 11 platforms along the magnificent natural surroundings of the Orosí valley in Cartago.

Surf or SUP LessonSurf or SUP Lesson

Surf is nice to look at, but riding them is really a thrill and you shouldn’t leave Costa Rica without going through! You can get a beginner class by experts – certified by ISA (International Surfing Association). The class begins on the beach having a couple of theory and practicing the very best actions as well as the position take advantage close to the board.

Discover Scuba Diving - DSDDiscover Scuba Diving - DSD

Have you always wondered what it’s like to breathe underwater? If you want to try scuba diving, but aren’t quite ready to take the plunge into a certification course, then this course  is for you. In the afternoon in Tamarindo you will get 45 minutes theorie lessons and 20 minutes experience in safe waters. The next morning the boat leaves for Islas Catalinas where you will dive two times to 12-30 ft. You need y good physical health and we want to make clear, that this course is not yet offering a certificate but the first part of a license if you decide for a complete course. All materials will be provided.


Enjoy rafting on a wild tropical river with warm water on the Rio Grande in the Orosi Valley! Rated one of the top rivers in the world, you’ll experience the intimate nature  as you raft right through it on 6,5 km of white water. The warm water, cascading waterfalls, and opulently lush rainforest with its brilliantly colored plants, animals, and birds indulge your senses on every level. All needed materials will be provided and you will be picked up in San José and brought back. The tour includes lunch and a photographer on board – so, bring a USB stick!


Experience one of Costa Rica’s best snorkel spots with some of the world’s finest volcanic rock formations, which is very rich in marine life. Have a chance to experience a close encounter with the beautiful manta rays, butterfly fish, angelfish and turtles. At 7 am you will be picked up in Langosta Beach and Tamarindo and then you will go by boat to Islas Catalinas. All material will be provided and you'll get refreshing drinks. This will be a tour to remember on your vacation in Costa Rica!

Isla Tortuga TourIsla Tortuga Tour

We pick you up in San José and take you to Puntarenas where the boat leaves and will ride along breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and the Nicoya Pensinsula. You will have one hour of snorkeling on the volcanic reef which is home of many fish and other tropical beauties. Then enjoy a wonderful day at the beautiful white sand beach of Tortuga Island. Lunch, fruit and refreshments as well as snorkeling and the guide is included.

Isla San Lucas TourIsla San Lucas Tour

Come with us on a boat tour to the San Lucas prison island, that for 117 years was home to the most vicious criminals in Costa Rica. Since it was shut down in 1991 the former prison has only housed the remnants of inmate graffiti scrawled across cell walls.

Today the prisoners are gone. San Lucas Island has been transformed into a national wildlife refuge to protect the island’s ecosystem, its wildlife, the historic buildings of the penal colony, and indigenous archaeological sites. The boat leaves in Puntarenas and lunch, fruit, refreshments and the guide is included.

Dolphin and Mangrove TourDolphin and Mangrove Tour

We will leave in Puntarenas early in the morning at 7 am to get the chance to see dolphins and later we will go back through the mangroves which are an important part of marine ecosystems and serve as nurseries for marine species. The scenic beauty makes this tour a special moment. During this tour you will get refreshments and fruits and we will return around 1 pm.