Rescue and Reforestation

This center is a paradise within another paradise in the middle of the jungle.

It is located in the central Pacific region, a biologically related location with the National Parks of Carará and la Cangreja, being a transitional zone between the northern dry forest and the rainforest, with the presence of species from the Puriscal forest, a large quantity of endemic and plant biodiversity.

Next to the project's hotel installations (which is an important income to run this project), the objective is to benefit wildlife and boost the estate´s capacities into a biological corridor, restore the eco-system and reforest with native species. Through these activities the adjacent communities can have improved repercussions, encouraging economic activity through quality ecotourism, development, and environmental education.

Currently, with the decrease in agricultural activity and new environmental consciousness plus the booming of ecotourism as a generator of work and development, a restoration of natural species has favorably presented itself as a priority to the project. For that reason, 110 hectares of the estate have initially been transformed to reforest the environment with native species. After almost 20 years and more than 20000 planted trees it is true to say that something has been done.

With the support of the Ministry of Environment, they have built a wild animal rescue centre that cares for endangered species and reintroduces them to a natural habitat in which they can thrive. There is an animal hospital, a quarantine centre and a supervised area in which animals can recover and be prepared for their release.

Your work includes (aprox 6 hours a day, 6 days a week)

  • Help caring for animals (preparing food, distribute food, cleaning bowls, facilities and kitchen)
  • Gardening (preparing soil and organic fertiliser, planting, watering, tearing weeds out, tree nursery)
  • Butterfly-garden (repair holes, cleaning, collecting eggs and larves)
  • Maintenance (cleaning all areas and greens, painting handrails and cages, making signs and painting them, keeping pathways clean, reforestation)
  • cleaning your room daily
  • pickup of fruit from the near by plantations
  • attendance of the vet, if necessary
  • once a month, school visit

Things to bring

  • responsibility, orderliness, friendliness
  • respect and love for animals and the will to learn from them – you should not be afraid of working directly with animals
  • willingness of doing any kind of work as cleaning excrement of animals and also repeating tasks until they are well done
  • motivation and love for work!
  • Being conscious that you are in a tropical country with heavy rains and really hot temperatures that you will have to work regardless of the weather!
  • comprension of spanish (a minimum is essential for communication)

Special requirements

  • Health insurance
  • You have to proof by scan and copy that you have a tb-test or/and that you are vaccinated against tb. You will not be able to participate in this project without this test! After your application and after we reserved a place for you, you have to proof this by email/scan and you have to bring the copy to the project. Tb is a highly infectious disease that could contaminate easily the whole center including the animals.
  • Medical insurance valid in Costa Rica; bring a copy
  • Minimum age 18 years
  • Minimum stay 2 weeks

The program runs throughout the year.

Puntarenas region, 20 km from Parrita.

Project Videos