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Agency for volunteer work

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Your commitment is important! You are important!

Your contribution as a volunteer makes the difference in educating children, preserving marine turtles, helping macaw stations, protecting the rainforest, helping in ecofarms, maintaining national parks, caring for confiscated or hurt animals or combining animal care with reforestation in Costa Rica, Centralamerica.

We, the agency for volunteer work first hand, are in direct contact with schools and environmental conservation projects planning, organizing and joining our volunteers during this unforgettable and worthy experience!

Since 1994 we are living in Costa Rica and feel commited to the people, comunitary help and sustainable ecological development. Through the 'Asociación Intercambio Cultural ALEGRIA - AICA', a non-profit organization, we have been promoting intercultural exchange in all areas of artistic expression and organizing festivals and benefit events in the years 2004 - 2009. In this time the idea was born to provide volunteers more continuously to the local schools and projects. We give first hand contacts and the volunteers can make first hand experiences ... and so in 2006 'first hand' was born!

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