Rescue Center for Animals

In this project any kind of animals who need help are treated with medical care and are prepared to be rereleased into nature. Usually there these kinds of animals in the rescue center: raccoons, sloths, monkeys, wild cats, owls, kinkajous, coatis, toucans, anteaters and many more … any animal that needs help ist welcomed and treated with love.

Your work includes

  • Help caring for animals
  • Preparing food and helping the keeper with the portions for each animal
  • Cleaning and repairs of the facility and viewing areas
  • Maintainance of pathways and areas around animal pens
  • Production of workshop materials in environmental education
  • School visits and interaction in discussions and workshops
  • Research the internet for didactic material to build a bibliography of environmental education
  • Attending to visitors, guiding them

Things to bring

  • Love for animals and nature
  • Being prepared for sometimes physically demanding work (7:30 am – 3:30 pm)
  • Ability to integrate and adapt to the center's rules
  • Enjoy to communicate with the guests of the center

Special requirements

  • You have to proof by scan and copy that you have a tb-test or/and that you are vaccinated against tb. You will not be able to participate in this project without this test! After your application and after we reserved a place for you, you have to proof this by email/scan and you have to bring the copy to the project. Tb is a highly infectious disease that could contaminate easily the whole center including the animals.
  • Medical insurance valid in Costa Rica; bring a copy
  • Minimum stay 4 weeks
  • You have to provide your own meals in the project's hostel
  • arriving in San José on Saturday - joining to the hostel on Sunday - staring on Monday morning at 11 am!


The project runs throughout the year.


The project is located in the caribbean coast.

Registration form

If you register here and start the project, we will plant a tree for you!