Learning Spanish

first hand offers possibilities to learn or improve spanish:

first hand Spanish Course

This is a self-desiged spanish course especially for students who have experience in learning languages and who want to get a lot of 'input' in a short time. We offer these intensiv beginner, middle and advanced classes that take place 2 hours a day in private classes or 2-3 persons groups – a lot of homework and selfstudy is included.
You can make this course parallel to the schoolproject – the time schedule is flexible according to your school schedule.
You cannot make this or any other language course parallel to any other first hand project – here you have to plan this time extra. We recommend for those volunteers the option with the cooperating language school (see below).

1 week – 140 US$
2 weeks – 260 US$
3 weeks – 360 US$
4 weeks – 440 US$
Additionally the weekly project costs (165 US$) for the homestay in a guestfamiliy.

Cooperating languageschool

Learn Spanish in a classic languageschool in a beautiful beachcampus or near the capital. These are 4hours classes, changing every day between morning and afternoon classes. Additionally they offer cooking classes, dance classes, movies, Yoga, excursions any many more leisure activities.
This course cannot be made parallel to any first hand project – you always have to plan this time extra – so this is recommended when you don't want to work in the school project.

Sámara per week - 325 US$
Heredia per week - 285 US$
plus homestay in a guestfamily of the language school (breakfast and dinner):
185 US$ per week