Rainforest Lodge

In a dreamlike Eco-Lodge - with an extension of over 2200 acres of primary rain forest - you get to know the rainforest that is home to thousands of animals and plants. The lodge boarders directly with 'La Amistad International Park' and is part 'La Amistad Biosphere Preserve', the largest conservation area of Central America, shared by Costa Rica and Panama. It is the most important direct watershed of the Bananito River, which supplies 85 % of potable water to the harbor city of Limon. The income generated by the nature and adventure programs at the lodge, together with our Rain forest Study Programs, significantly support 'Fundacion Cuencas de Limon', -- Limon Watershed Foundation --, which has become a regional leader in watershed conservation in the province of Limon and preserves water for about 70.000 people.

You will basically learn about the work of the 'guardabosques', the 'forest patrol'. If you love nature, if you are committed to sometimes hard work, if you are interest in adventure tours - horseback riding is useful - and if you are comfortable in a temporary stay far from civilization (the next city is 30 km), then this is a perfect experience for you!


Your work includes

  • cleaning and maintaining the paths in the forest
  • developing new trail signs
  • recollection of trash left behind by poachers
  • inspection in the forest, inventory of the area - trees, plants, animals, food
  • setting camera traps and changing chips
  • reforestation, planting and watering, remove weeds
  • working in the farm's greenhouse
  • stable maintenance and care horses
  • joining the guests on their excursions

Things to bring

  • love for nature and interest in adventure
  • calmness for not being online all day
  • enjoying to communicate with the guests of the lodge
  • knowledge of the spanish and english language; classes can be booked through first hand
  • interest in a temporary stay far from civilisation (the next city is 30 km)
  • horseback riding is useful but not mandatory


The lodge is located 35 km southwest of the harbor city Limón, Caribbean, and bordering La Amistad World Heritage Site or La Amistad Biosphere Reserve.

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If you register here and start the project, we will plant a tree for you!

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