Why colunteer work in Costa Rica?

You make the difference!

You make an important contribution as a volunteer to children's education and / or to protect nature.

You get to know the real life!

You live and work with locals and you get to learn the real life of Costaricans.

Irreplaceable experiences for you!

Every day you deal with opinions, lifestyles and routines of a different culture. These new found knowledges teach you more about yourself!

You learn languages!

You learn or improve your spanish skills. Language is the key to understanding the values of a different culture.

A pro for your resume!

Work experiences, internships in foreign countries are indespensable in times of globalization. A volunteer based commitment will open many doors for you.

A Tree in your Name!

We will plant a tree for you in the volunteer forest of the Bananito Reserve, which is part of a Biological Corridor that connects Costa Rica's highest mountain to the Caribbean coast.

Facts about Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a little tropical paradise between two oceans. Hardly any other country has such an abundance of plants and animals on such a small terrain. 25% of it's area is protected by national parks. Active volcanos, hot springs, rain and cloud forests, mountain rivers, spectacular waterfalls, subterranean caves, coral reefs, mangroves, amazing caribbean and pacific beaches and a fascinating animal world invite you to discover and enjoy.

Costa Rica has the oldest democracy in Latin America, a working social system, responsable environmental laws and is the only country in the world that has no army. The relaxed 'pura vida' lifestyle of the 'ticos' and their hospitality towards visitors make it one of the safest top destinations in Latin America.

Area: 51.000 km²
Capital: San José
Language: Spanish
Population aprox. 4.8 Million, only in the San José area: 1.5 Million
Climate: Dry Season: December - April, Rainy Season: May - November
Temerature Average: between 23 degrees Celcius (mountains and central area) and 30 degrees Celcius (beaches)
Money: 1 US Dollar = 630 Colones; 1 Euro = 710 Colones - (Feb 2022)
Visa: for a maximum 3 months stay american citizens don't need a visa; when entering the country you must have a return ticket within this period of time and your passport must be valid for minimum 6 months