You must be at least 18 years old.
If you want to work in schools you should have experience in working with children and groups. You also should like to work independently and bring a lot of initiative. If you want to work in nature projects you should be flexible, commited, communicative and able to adapt to very basic conditions of living.

Language Classes

Elementary knowledge of Spanish is very impotant if you wish to work with school children. first hand offers intensive Spaniah classes adapted to your individual level by highly trained teachers.


During the Spanish classes and the volunteer work you will live with guest families carefully choosen by first hand or directly in the nature projects. In any case you will get breakfast and dinner and laundry services.


The program runs throughout the year and starts every Monday.
During the school holidays (December 20 - February 7, July 1 - July 15) there is the possibility to organize workshops and holiday projects.


Minimum: 1 month (at least 3 weeks in the project)
Maximum: 3 months (extension for another 3 months with extra payment)